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As a Colon Hydrotherapist, I can not state any benefits to colon hydrotherapy. I can not state that Colon Hydrotherapy will aid in the removal of mercury from the body.


I can tell you that many physicians/dentists refer their patients to Colon Care, LLC for colon hydrotherapy in conjunction with amalgam removal and the mercury removal process or chelation.


Since the majority of mercury is rid through stool, you can see how colon hydrotherapy could play a crucial role in systemic mercury elimination. According to Dr. Joseph Mercola,


“Once the mercury burden is lowered from the intestines,
mercury from other body tissues will more readily migrate
into the intestines for further removal”.


Each physician has their own protocol on how many sessions they would like their patient to receive and the timing. We work closely with your physician in giving feedback reports and scheduling your appointments around your treatment schedule.



In February, 1994 Sweden announced a total ban on the use of mercury fillings in young adults. Denmark, Germany and Austria followed suit. In Switzerland and Japan, the dental schools no longer teach amalgam use as the primary source of dental care.



Amalgam (amalgam is a dental filling material which contains 30% to 50% mercury and is used to make "silver" dental fillings) removal requires the dentist to drill out the amalgam material with a high-speed dental drill which creates heat and vaporizes much of the amalgam material. This vapor contains a considerable amount of mercury and can be very harmful. Therefore, it is recommended that extreme safety precautions be taken to protect both the patient and the dentist from mercury exposure during amalgam removal.

Below is a picture of a dentist and assistant working with a patient. Notice the precautions that are being used against exposure to highly-toxic mercury vapor. Both the dentist and his assistant are wearing special breathing apparatus. Their bodies are also completely covered to prevent mercury vapor from falling on their skin. The patient's body is mostly covered as well. Numerous other precautions are also used including mercury-vapor air filters, rubber dams, chlorella and activated charcoal beneath the tongue which is changed often, etc.



We have a list of Biological Dentists in the Portland area or you can visit
(International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology) for more information and referrals regarding Mercury Free Dentistry.



Other major contributors of heavy metal toxicity are vaccines and cookware. (Please see the article titled “Autism and Mercury” posted under our Physician Articles Tab and attend one of our cooking classes to learn more about how to prepare food to keep nutrients in and toxins out.)


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Despite critics, colonics gain grass-roots fans...

By Special to The Oregonian
December 14, 2011, 12:37PM


Colon hydrotherapists say they believe it's only a matter of time before the therapy gains an even wider acceptance with the public and, eventually, with the medical establishment.


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A New Choice For Colonoscopy Preparation


In this article, dated January 24, 2008, a respected medical professional, Dr.Joseph Fiorito, M.D., chief of the Section of Gastroenterology, a nationally
recognized program at Danbury Hospital, a regional medical center and university teaching hospital in Danbury, Connecticut reinforces the advantages of colon hydrotherapy, in an article in which he refers to colon hydrotherapy as "an alternative method to cleanse the bowel to prepare for a colonoscopy -- one that is more convenient, quicker, and eliminates having to drink a gallon of liquid laxatives the night before".





What Our Wonderful Clients Have To Say...

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"As a physician specializing in detoxification, I often send my patients for colonics. I am also familiar with each of the providers in Portland and ONLY refer to Colon Care. I know that when I send a patient to Rebecca for care, they will be handled professionally in a clean and comforting environment. She is highly trained and her protocols are sophisticated.


My patients have nothing but the best reports to give after visiting her. As a doctor I highly recommend her. - Dr. Justin Hoffman, Now in Santa Rosa, CA at


Fantastic experience...


Ever since my diagnosis of breast cancer in 2008, I have been a client of Rebecca for my detoxing and constipation. Colon care was recommended by my naturopath whom I respect and trust. I add that part because i am also in the medical field and am very critical of doctors both for their medical knowledge and personal concern.


Rebecca was professional, caring and encouraging from the moment I met her. Her ongoing concern for myself and other patients is why I continue to go to her under the direction of my naturopath. I will continue to go to her and recommend her to friends." - Katie T. 

Clean, professional, doctor-referred...


"I can see why some doctors in the Portland area refer exclusively to Rebecca at Colon Care. The clinic is immaculate, and the process very comfortable and discreet.


Rebecca also has the experience to effectively communicate with her referring doctors to give the safest and most effective treatment for each client. She spends a lot of time educating her clients, and carefully determining what is best for them. Very highly recommended."

We do not diagnose, treat or prescribe.

We offer nutiritional information and services to help you cooperate with your doctor or physician in your mutual plan of building better health.
In the event that you use this information without your doctor's approval, you are prescribing for your self; which is your constitutional right,
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